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The Birth of Uday Group is the result of the precise determination of its founders, determined to create a facility capable of providing a range of services connected with the daily lives of immigrants. We are all witnesses of the great difficulties they face to fit and integrate into the host society. To meet these specific needs, the Uday Group provides a team of experts in issues related to immigration and intercultural relations. We strongly believe that immigrants are primarily people that through work and study, seek to build and implement a plan of living which, while respecting the Italian constitution, allows them and their families to live peacefully and in complete legality.

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We provide all kind of services to help foreign citizen regarding Immigration in Italy or towards others countries

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• Release and Renewal of Residence permits
• Help for legal and administrative advice
• Administrative documents for Tourist Visas and Permit Conversions
• Operations related to Embassies

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Italian Citizenship

• Complete Documentation for applying
• Provide legal solutions in case of problem
• Court appeal in case of any delay
• Requisition for citizenship

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IELTS Course

• Preparation for both General and Academic IELTS test.
• Flexible length and schedule according to your needs
• In-person classes or Online classes
• Experienced faculty with a lot of collective experience.

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Translation and Legalization

Our company is certified to provide
• Punjabi,
• English,
• Italian,
• European languages,
translation on various documents. We have authority to get them legalize from Tribunal.

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Family Reunion

• Consultancy regarding every aspect
• Fill and send application form and completing documentation
• Administrative work in 'Prefettura'
• Retrieve 'Nulla Osta' for you
• Preparation of Declaration and attestation

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Tourist Visas

• Consultancy regarding every aspect
• Fill and send application form and completing documentation
• Book appointments
• Apply and get bank assurance(if required).
• Document attesttation and completion of portfolio.

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Via Galana 14, Mantova, 46100, MN, Italy.

+39 037 635 5092
+39 327 444 1144

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